What beverages work best?

Recommended Beverages

For the best presentation, we recommend serving Cocktail Graffiti on a beverage with high-density foam or whip cream surface, such as foam-based cocktails, mocktails, lattes, cappuccinos, malt-heavy beers, or milkshakes. We cannot guarantee premium Cocktail Graffiti results when placed directly on beverages without foam. 

How do I create a custom design?

We've made it super easy to customize your drink topper online!

Upload your artwork, add your text, choose your font and colors, and see a 3D rendering of your design on a coupe.

Yep - it's that easy!

What size drink topper do I purchase?

Glass + Drink Topper Measurements

For optimal presentation, we recommend purchasing a drink topper that is no larger than .5 inches in diameter than your glassware.

Choose your Cocktail Graffiti Experience

Start with a template

Personalize one of our customizable templates or purchase our pre-designed theme packs.

Use your own design

Already have a logo, graphic, or design you love? Start with a blank canvas to create a Cocktail Graffiti that's one-of-a-kind.

Work with a Graffiti Artist

Collaborate with one of our talented graffiti artists to create something totally custom — unique and urivaled, just like your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on any beverage?

Cocktail Graffiti works best on foamy beverages like a shaken cocktail or frothy latte. This allows the artwork to shine on a smooth surface and pop on a blank backdrop.

Will it actually look like the design?

Cocktail Graffiti aims to exceed expectations and surpass industry standards. Our drink toppers are produced with the best ingredients and printed in full color with high-resolution imaging.

What type of glass should we use?

Although our drink toppers can be served on any type of glassware, for the best cocktail-style presentation, we recommend a coupe glass no larger than .5 inches larger than your drink topper.

Do you offer graphic design services?

Yes, we have a fantastic graphic design team. Please email us at sales@cocktailgraffiti.com.

How do I make a foamy beverage?

We recommend Fee Foam by Fee Brothers for cocktails and mocktails.

Will these work in disposable cups?

Absolutely! Check out our Glass Guide for links to purchase.

How do I store them?

Keep them in their airtight container in a temperature controlled room.

What do they taste like?

Unlike wafer paper, our drink toppers are tasteless. Never gooey, never bitter.