Elevate any event with a customizable drink topper

Unparalleled in quality and design, our drink toppers are ideal for strengthening the theme of your occasion, bringing your innovative ideas to life, and engaging your guests.

Raising the bar

From weddings to birthdays, and baby showers to bat mitzvahs, Cocktail Graffiti is the best way to elevate moments of celebration and create a top-shelf experience at your next event.

Unmatched quality for an unforgettable experience

Crafted with high-quality discs to personalized designs, your Cocktail Graffiti is the finishing touch that will elevate your event and ignite conversation.


Serve hundreds in mere minutes with a convenient and seamless finishing touch that sits right on top of a signature drink.

Fully Customizable Designs

Bring your vision to life with an added flare of personalized self-expression to a traditional cocktail or foamy beverage.

Unrivaled Quality

Each disc is printed in high-resolution, full-color and is compatible with high-density, foam-based, or whipped beverages.

Long-Lasting Discs

Create a showstopper experience that's impossible to miss. Even 20 minutes after it's served, you'll still enjoy your unique design.

Fast, Easy Delivery

Conveniently add the finishing touches to any event with a quick turnaround and 2-3 day shipping.

Excite your guests. Exceed expectations.

People crave unique experiences and Cocktail Graffiti can help you create an unforgettable memory for all who attend. Whether your thoughtfully-curated design features a monogram, sentimental phrase, or even the honoree’s face, they won’t soon forget it.

how it works

Customize your drink topper — your way.

You've got options! No matter the occasion, bring your unique vision to life in one of three ways.

Hire a Graffiti Artist

Collaborate with graffiti artists to create something totally custom & unique, just like your event.

Select a Template

Put your own spin on one of our show-stopping templates for any event. Yep, it's that easy!

Create Your Own Design

Already have the perfect design? We can use that too! Upload it & your cocktail graffiti will mimic it exactly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on any beverage?

Cocktail Graffiti works best on foamy beverages like a shaken cocktail or a frothy latte. This allows the artwork of a happy couple or the 21st birthday celebration shine on a smooth surface while adding a pop to a blank backdrop. 

If you’re unsure what to serve at your next event, we can provide a list of suitable cocktails and mocktails, as well as a foaming agent to ensure an excellent presentation. 

Will it actually look like the design?

Cocktail Graffiti aims to exceed expectations and surpass party planning standards, so our drink toppers are produced with the best ingredients and printed in full color with high-resolution imaging.

So, yes, you can bet your Cocktail Graffiti will look even better than you can imagine.

Does it need a special glass?

For the best cocktail-style presentation, we recommend a 3-inch glass coupe. However, we offer standard sizes that fit a variety of glassware and custom sizes and shapes to suit your needs. 

3-inch size toppers are best for coupes, martini glasses, rocks glasses, pint glasses, and coffee glasses, while 2-inch size toppers are best for collins glasses, flutes, tasting glasses, and kids glasses.