Elevate any event with a customizable drink topper

Unparalleled in quality and design, our drink toppers are ideal for strengthening your brand identity, promoting your business, and engaging with your guests.

You're in good company...

From Apple to Amazon and United to Uber, the biggest names in business are decorating their drinks with Cocktail Graffiti.

Let's give them something
to talk about

Cocktail Graffiti’s high quality discs and elevated aesthetic creates an interactive, Insta-worthy experience that will surely spark some FOMO.

Easy to Execute

Serve hundreds conveniently and seamlessly with a finishing touch that sits right on top of the foam.

Fully Customizable Design

Bring your vision to life with the help of a graffiti artist to create a truly bespoke, thoughtfully-curated design.

Unrivaled Quality

Each disc is printed in high-resolution, full-color and is compatible with high-density foam-based or whipped beverages.

Impossible to Miss

Each high-quality disc provides a show-stopping experience that lasts 20 minutes, down to the last sip.

Fast, Easy Delivery

Conveniently add the finishing touches to any event with a quick turnaround and 2-3 day shipping.

Demand attention with next level branding

People crave experiences and Cocktail Graffiti can help you create an unforgettable one for you and your guests.  

Whether it’s your company logo, a QR code to a new website, or the reveal of a new product, your custom drink topper will not only ignite conversation but also leave a lasting impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on any beverage?

Cocktail Graffiti works best on foamy beverages like a shaken cocktail or a frothy latte. This allows the artwork for your new product or company logo to shine on a smooth surface and pop on a blank backdrop. 

If you’re not sure what to serve, we can provide a list of suitable cocktails and mocktails as well as a foaming agent to ensure an excellent presentation. 

Will it actually look like the design?

Cocktail Graffiti aims to exceed expectations and surpass industry standards, so our drink toppers are produced with the best ingredients and printed in full color with high-resolution imaging.

So, yes, you can bet your cocktail graffiti will look even better than you can imagine.

Does it need a special glass?

For the best cocktail-style presentation, we recommend a 3-inch glass coupe. However, we offer standard sizes that fit a variety of glassware and custom sizes and shapes to suit your needs. 

3-inch size toppers are best for coupes, martini glasses, rocks glasses, pint glasses, and coffee glasses, while 2-inch size toppers are best for collins glasses, flutes, tasting glasses, and kids glasses.


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